The Last of Us Part II artbook shows new glimpses of Ellie in action

More cultists, more Infected, and more… horses?

Despite the game being set for release in just a few months, there has been little new information released about The Last of Us Part II recently. Fortunately for fans, though, a new art book has recently appeared on Amazon.

The book, titled The Art of The Last of Us Part II was created in collaboration between Naughty Dog and Dark Horse Comics and, according to the Amazon page, is set for release on June 16, a couple of weeks after Part II‘s May 29 release.

The book sports a couple of images that could hint at possible sequences in the game. The cover shows Ellie holding a machete while she hides from cult members behind a tree. We have seen these cult members previously; they appeared in the trailer shown at Paris Games Week 2017 and again in the gameplay reveal trailer at E3 2018. Perhaps this image of her being hunted in the woods is an extension of those scenes already seen in trailers.

VGX 2013

In addition to this, the slipcase shows Ellie playing a guitar underneath a tree, and the lithograph shows Ellie and Dina, Ellie’s love interest in the game, on horseback, running away from Infected while shooting at them with bows. Either of these scenes could hint at another sequence in the game, with the running from Infected being such a prominent part of the games.

The hardcover book is available for preorder on Amazon now for $89.99, and a Kindle edition is available for $19.99. It comes with 200 pages of artwork and a developer commentary.

The Last of Us Part II is set for release on May 29 on Playstation 4, and it’s rumored to be shown at a yet-to-be-confirmed Playstation 5 reveal event next month.