Enchanted Portals Trailer Showcases a Magical Cuphead Clone


Studio MDHR’s Cuphead is such an inspiring piece of work. A 1930’s themed shoot-em-up with imaginative bosses and some of the best jazz music you’ll ever hear? Who wouldn’t love that? And now, it’s inspired a studio to try its hand at the formula – though the responses thus far make it obvious where they got their inspiration from.

A team by the name of Xixo Games Studio made up of two avid developers, released a new trailer for Enchanted Portals. They hoped it would stir up inspiration for its upcoming Kickstarter campaign. The trailer is in the tweet featured below. It does have some interesting story regarding two wizards who warp themselves to an alternate world. However, there are two things Cuphead fans may notice right off the bat.

First, the gameplay is about the same as Cuphead. Players enter a series of boss battles against some bizarre creatures, like a cow in command of a spaceship and a three-headed Cerberus in a casual neighborhood. These bosses come in creative designs, but the gameplay formula follows the same route as Studio MDHR’s release.

Secondly, the animation and music style is also a bit on the nose. The Cuphead gamed had greatly inspired the Xixo Games’ team. This fact is clear. But it just seems to be “hey we can do that too” instead of trying for something a little more original. Fans on social media have made a note of this and are sounding off about it.

There’s no word from Studio MDHR about the project yet, as the team has been busy celebrating the anniversary of Cuphead with discounts and special art releases. Still, this mixed reception makes us wonder if Enchanted Portals will ever see the light of day. There’s getting inspired; then there’s merely copying someone else’s work to see what it can do for you.

Anyway, the trailer is featured below. Give it a look and decide for yourself.