Epic Games adds Cozy Grove and Spec-Ops: The Line developers as new partners

They join the ranks of Remedy and Playdead.

Image via Epic Games

Two more publishing partners have joined the Epic Games umbrella: Spry Fox and Eyes Out. The two studios’ new projects sound quite different from one another in tone, but they have this new venture in common.

Spry Fox is the studio behind Cozy Grove, a cutesy game in which you help ghosts on an island. Its next project is “its most ambitious title to date: a multiplatform, non-violent, persistent multiplayer game designed to encourage friendship and reduce loneliness in the world.” Meanwhile, Eyes Out is a brand-new studio founded by Spec-Ops: The Line director Cory Davis and Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck. According to the Epic Games announcement, Eyes Out’s first game will be “an as-yet-unannounced multiplatform cosmic horror game built using the Unreal Engine.”

The studios may be working on very different kinds of games, but they’re united in their happiness about these new partnerships. Spry Fox CEO Dave Edery says that “Epic understands what we’re making and why it’s so special.” Eyes Out’s Cory Davis added: “That support and encouragement from a publisher to push us further into the unknown, while honing our original vision, is a dream come true.”

This raises Epic’s number of partners to a total of five. Last year, it announced partnerships with Control developer Remedy Entertainment, Inside developer Playdead, and The Last Guardian developer Gen Design. We can look forward to quite a lot of new games on the Epic Games Store in the future.