Epic Games launches Unreal Engine 5 with two starter projects

The new engine is available for anyone to build games in today.


Screenshot via Epic Games’ YouTube channel

Epic Games today announced the release of Unreal Engine 5 as part of its State of Unreal 2022 livestream. The new engine is available for anyone to download and use now, and it comes with two starter projects for developers to experiment and learn the engine with.

Unreal Engine 5 is the latest game-building engine from Epic Games. It was used to create The Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine 5 Experience and many of the tech demos and trailers that have been seen over the past year.

After downloading Unreal Engine 5, users can access the city in which The Matrix Awakens: Unreal Engine 5 Experience was built. This is a colossal city that’s already populated and can be used to create intense visual experiences and learn how the engine works in a project that’s already largely finished.

The second starter project is Lyra. This project allows players to control humanoid characters and fight bots in a simplistic multiplayer shooter arena. You can place new assets such as cover, light, and change everything in the game to figure out how everything works when building your own shooter in the engine.

Many of the asset creation tools that Epic Games has acquired over the past year or so are also included in Unreal Engine 5. This makes it possible to create photorealistic characters for games, powerful music to go alongside amazing stories and gameplay, and much more. In addition, there will be a growing library of content made up of tutorials that have been made for developers. However, developers can add to this library with their own tutorials, helping build the library and form a community dedicated to creating the best games possible.