ETS 2’s Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack is About to Get an Overhaul

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 has given truckers the opportunity to customize their trucks inside and out since the very beginning. Through a multitude of DLC addons, the customization options have steadily grown. The Mighty Griffin Tuning pack is one that focused specifically on the Scania line of trucks in the game. After SCS Software introduced the new R and S series models recently, none of those customizations were applicable to those new trucks. This was done intentionally in order to allow truckers to experience their new vehicles as they were intended.

The first impression of an all-new vehicle should be how the manufacturer intended it to look. When tons of screenshots and videos recorded with the new trucks in our game hit the Internet, the depiction of the vehicles should be reasonably close to how they leave the factory, that’s what our licensing partners prefer.

This surely makes sense, and SCS Software has now decided that enough time has passed and it’s time to lets loose the dogs of… mods. The Mighty Griffin Tuning pack is about to get an update to include items compatible with the new Scania R and S series models.

ETS 2's Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack is About to Get an Overhaul
Mighty Griffin Tuning PackSCS Software • Fair Use

Many customization options have been developed and are about to enter the testing phase, according to a blog post by SCS Software.

From sun shields, window trim, windshield frames, stone guards, masks, masks’ ribs through both front and rear mudflaps, bumpers, front grilles, bull bars, door trims, logo, badges to chassis covers, side panel, us-styled exhausts and more – this update brings a massive amount of combinations for these recently added trucks.

The update will be available free to owners of the Mighty Griffin Tuning pack and come alongside the next Euro Truck Simulator 2 update. It’s impressive how even the DLC for this constantly updated games receives updates and I look forward to customizing my truck’s cabin some more in the near future.