Visit Sweden in ETS2 World of Truck’s Trade Connection Event


From time to time SCS Software loads up some special events for Euro Truck Simulator 2 in the form of a collection of World of Trucks contracts. Their latest effort to unite truckers and offer them the potential for in-game rewards is entitled Trade Connections – Sweden.

Trade Connections – Sweden

With work continuing on the next DLC, Beyond the Baltic Sea, truckers are being enticed to get used to Northern Europe’s roads. Participating in this event is as easy as ensuring your trucker profile is connected to World of Trucks and then accepting the types of contracts that count towards this event.

To earn the reward for this event, your goal is to complete a delivery of any cargo to or from Sweden with at least 10 different other countries in the rest of Europe. You can review your recent deliveries in the LogBook if you are logged in to World of Truck.

There are some rewards up for grabs for truckers who reach or surpass the requirements as stated above. The rewards this time around aren’t quite as extensive as in previous events, but they will come in the form of Steam items. That means they can be traded or even sold on the Steam Marketplace. Though if you do that, you will of course lose access to the decorations yourself.

Here’s what successful truckers stand to earn:

  • Viking Warrior‘ – dashboard statue
  • Northern Lights‘ – main menu background
  • 3 random country pennants

Visit Sweden in ETS2 World of Truck's Trade Connection Event Visit Sweden in ETS2 World of Truck's Trade Connection Event

The Trade Connections – Sweden event is now live and will run for one month. For more details, check out the official SCS Software blog post.