Facebook Gaming not replacing Mixer on Xbox consoles

Plus, Microsoft discusses streamers’ privacy.

Xbox Series X

Major Nelson has made it clear that Facebook Gaming won’t be coming to Xbox One as a replacement to the current Mixer integration. Mixer will be discontinued in July, and all the streamers have been allowed to get to Facebook Gaming when that moment comes.

Fans and streamers have been concerned about the details of this partnership, including how Facebook will work to give them visibility and adequately handle the topic of privacy.

“If you are asking if the current Mixer integration in the dashboard is just going to become Facebook gaming,” said Major Nelson on Reddit, “the answer is no.”

That might be a problem considering that, while not being the best selling console this gen, Xbox One added around 40 million potential users to streamers’ audience.

“We are committed to respecting your privacy and personal information,” he added about privacy, a theme where Facebook has shown flaws in the past.

“Unless a Mixer streamer takes action to ask Microsoft to share data with a platform, no Mixer streamer personal information will be shared,” the Xbox spokesperson mentioned.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has also shared that “we absolutely want to give gamers choice of where to stream from Xbox” going forward.

That means that there could be plans to incorporate an easy way to streaming from Xbox One and Xbox Series X using other apps like Twitch, as asked by a follower on Twitter.

Considering Microsoft had just reached an exclusivity deal with famed streamers Ninja and Shroud , that sure is an unexpected turn of events.