Shroud Formally Joins Mixer in Exclusive Contract On the Streaming Platform, Joining Ninja


Michael Grzesiek, commonly referred to as his streamer handle “Shroud,” is making his official move to Mixer. The streaming platform operating out of Seattle is owned by Microsoft’s, which launched on Jan. 5, 2016.

This information came out in an official message on Grzesiek’s Twitter account, which you can see here. There was no formal message or description of the deal. We only see the transition in the form of a video, getting a brief peek at Grzesiek’s setup.

Grzesiek is an ex Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who ranked in the third-highest spot on Twitch, behind Tfue and Ninja’s now inactive channel. Beyond the transition, we have minimal details about the move. We don’t know when Grzesiek is going to start-up his channel or when fans can check out the first video, but it should be happening soon.

We also have no information regarding the deal Microsoft made with Grzesiek. However, if it was enough to bring him to Twitch, it must have been a substantial one.

Given this contract marks another recognizable streamer changing from Twitch to Mixer, we might begin to see more of his happening in the future. More streamers are freely finding themselves in Microsoft’s camp, going all-in on Mixer with new contracts. Ninja may have left Twitch due to how restrictive the contract had been, according to IGN. But we don’t know why Grzesiek made the move. It could purely have been a financial choice on his part.

We’re going to learn more details about Grzesiek’s deal for the rest of the week, and you can follow his Twitter account to determine when his first broadcast starts.