Fans Disappointed As Quantum Break and Max Payne Aren’t Part of Remedy Connected Universe

Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake has confirmed Quantum Break isn’t linked to Control or Alan Wake.


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Remedy Entertainment’s portfolio of titles includes some of the most renowned in the industry, such as Max Payne and Alan Wake. While the developer has created a connected universe with more recent titles, not all the games it’s ever made are part of it.

In a recent interview with Sam Lake, it’s been confirmed that while Quantum Break fits the bill of being a surreal, mind-bending experience like Alan Wake and Control, it’s not part of the Remedy Connected Universe. Fans have come out in droves to express their disappointment at this news because of how much they feel the title should be part of that strangely intertwined world.

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Fans Can’t Beleive Quantum Break Isn’t Connected to the Control and Alan Wake Universe

News that the Remedy Connected Universe is separate from Quantum Break and Max Payne comes from an interview with Sam Lake and Entertainment Weekly. The creative director’s key and fairly damning quote reads, “The easy, clear answer is that, out of our past games, Max Payne and Quantum Break are not part of the Remedy Connected Universe. They are not part of Remedy’s plans.”

Upon hearing this news, fans have responded to posts sharing it, expressing how saddened they are by it. They believe, “Quantum Break fits perfectly lol.” It hasn’t been much of a stretch to link the games until now because of the numerous easter eggs for Alan Wake in Quantum Break and the fact that the titular author is mentioned at some point in the story.

However, some fans are choosing to see the bright side of this news. “Kinda glad. Alan Wake and Control already have massive mythologies and characters themselves, anything more might be a burden.” Both Control and Alan Wake feel massive in scope, which will only increase with the release of Alan Wake 2. Narrowing the Remedy Connected Universe will make it easier for Remedy Entertainment’s narrative team to work on the titles, but it won’t ease the pain of Quantum Break’s exclusion for some.

Quantum Break returned to Xbox Game Pass in April this year after mysterious being pulled from the platform. As Alan Wake 2’s launch approaches, fans of Remedy Entertainment have been playing and replaying the game, gaining a new appreciation for it, similar to how Alan Wake’s appeal has only grown in the 13 years since its initial launch.

This interview and the somewhat devastating news for the fan base that has come out of it has revealed one thing that most people thought would never happen. Players want to see a sequel to Quantum Break. “I enjoyed Quantum Break, would love a sequel.” Given the nature of IP ownership, no one can say for sure if anything will ever happen with the Quantum Break universe again.