Fashion Dreamer Fans Confused & Frustrated Over Lack of Diversity

Yearning to be Muses is tough when the Fashion Dreamer lacks inclusivity options – and fans are speaking out.

Image via SynSophia

Fashion Dreamer fans are unsatisfied with the game’s lack of diversity in skin tones, body shapes, and gender variety.¬†After all, there are just 7 skin tones for people of color, while those aiming to create a Caucasian-looking Muse have twice as many options.

Fashion Dreamer is a creative-focused game that lets us live our wildest fashion dreams through avatars called Muses. While the game has garnered excitement for its unique approach to the dress-up formula and the ability to interact with other Muses globally, a giant, unamendable crack is sinking Fashion Dreamer’s ship: it’s not diverse enough.

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Fashion Dreamer Excludes People of Color, According to Fans

Reddit user boomz2107 shared their disappointment with the limited options for players with darker skin tones. They pointed out that there are over four rows of skin tones for white characters but only two for darker tones, and these darker tones lack mid-shade brown options. As a South Asian player, boomz2107 could only find one suitable skin tone for their avatar. They also expressed hope for additional makeup shades that work well for brown skin.

Many players are expressing frustration over the lack of inclusivity in the game’s skin tone options. And there’s no denying it. There are notably fewer skin tone options for Fashion Dreamers who’d like to have darker skin. This is particularly frustrating in contrast with the wide variety of white skin tones. Some players believe this lack of representation is a deliberate choice rather than a mere oversight.

In addition to the limited skin tone options, Fashion Dreamer has faced criticism for its lack of gender-inclusive features. While players can choose their gender and body type, certain clothing options are locked to specific genders, which has disappointed some players who were hoping for a more inclusive experience.

Despite these concerns, many players still find Fashion Dreamer enjoyable and engaging. The game offers a vast array of customization options. Plus, the opportunity to interact with other Muses worldwide creates a social aspect that adds to the game’s appeal.

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Fashion Dreamer is enthralling enough for players to get lost in the game’s unique gameplay loop and creative opportunities. Even with all the chic Fashion Boutique flair, it’s impossible to conceal the game’s missed opportunity for greater inclusivity. Fashion Dreamer’s future updates hold the key to addressing these inclusivity issues and making the fashion experience more representative and enjoyable for all players.