Fashion Dreamer lets you build the fashion line of your dreams

Time to get stylin’.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo and Xseed Games have just released the trailer for Fashion Dreamer, a futuristic fashion adventure that will be exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch. The game is a creative take on traditional dress-up that encourages players to express their individuality and inspire others to take fashion risks.

It’s been a while since a major fashion design game was launched on a Nintendo console, and the dress-up genre as a whole is arguably in need of a major refresh. Luckily, Fashion Dreamer looks like it has all the ingredients to bring the joy of fashion to a new generation.

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With that being said, Fashion Dreamer is more than a simple dress-up game. It incorporates a social media element where players can give prospective influencers (adorably referred to as “Muses”) the makeover they’ve always dreamed of. The online feature encourages players to connect in real-time with other designers around the world, allowing players to further grow their brand and create new looks. Fashion Dreamer even includes a “like” feature, where players can steal their friends’ looks for themselves and give their Muse a boost in the process.

Image via Nintendo

The fashion design element of the game allows players to choose from over 1000 individual designs, with color customization options also available. Players can easily swap between clothing pieces to mix and match while honing their style. The game also takes place in what appears to be the near future, with a colorful yet calming atmosphere. The charming character designs and wide array of both male and female Muses is a refreshing change from other fashion games. It looks like Fashion Dreamer just might be the most stylish game of 2023.