How to Level Up Fast in Fashion Dreamer

Fashion Dreamer has you racing to be the best influencer possible – but leveling up isn’t always easy as a fashionista.

Level Up Quick Fashion Dreamer

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In Fashion Dreamer, you’ll find a vibrant virtual world to unleash your inner fashionista and dominate the haute couture scene. However, it’s no secret that leveling up in the game can be a real challenge.

Any game with a leveling system pushes players to earn EXP to get to higher levels. However, when the reward for leveling up comes in the form of cuter and rarer outfits, I simply can’t help myself. The higher level you reach in Fashion Dreamer, the more showroom items you have access to. Still, leveling up can be pretty frustrating, especially in the early stages. Trust me, I also felt like an underdressed baby in diapers after the tutorial decided it was time to cut off the umbilical cord. Still, having now had my fair share of baby steps, I’ve tailored a pretty solid strategy to help you skyrocket your Fashion Dreamer experience.

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How to Level Up in Fashion Dreamer

Level Up Guide Fashion Dreamer
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One of the quickest ways to level up in Fashion Dreamer is by catering to the whims of your NPC Muses. Competing in their Lookit requests, staying up-to-date with the latest trends, and creating stunning lookits for them will propel your progress. This is how you would usually level up in any game: completing quests.

Besides the regular quests, there’s also the networking and brand features. The fastest way to elevate your band is to craft alluring clothing items that people will want for themselves. Including gacha-machine accessories or pre-order bonuses clothing always helps. As you elevate your brand status, you’ll get more EXP and level up in Fashion Dreamer.

Then there’s the networking bit. If you’re playing online, you’ll want to rack up your follower count. I was a bit adamant about joining the online community, but doing so made a world of difference.

Online mode gives you a chance to boost questing and branding with a side of networking. I started recommending my brand items to other players using the Item Box (R-Stick). This eventually got me more and more likes, which helped me rise in the fashion ranks and level up faster in Fashion Dreamer.

Plus, there’s also the option to collab with others to come up with some nice creations. This collab mode also has the potential to help lower-level, lesser-known brands grow thanks to more experienced players’ patronage. Even in this fashion game, your online presence is key to leveling up in Fashion Dreamer.