Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: Release Window, Gameplay, & Trailers

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will finally arrive on PS5 in early 2024, and this hefty title will be on two discs.

FF7 Rebirth World Map

Image Via Square Enix

Square Enix has revealed Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s launch window and platforms. Fans who played FF7 Remake when it launched in 2020 have had to wait a few years for the sequel, but they’ll soon have answers to all of the lingering questions left by the first entry in the remake series.

FF7 Rebirth is the second entry in the remake trilogy, with the first game ending with the revelation that the protagonists had broken free from the original game’s timeline. This means that the story can go in a brand new direction for the sequels, which was cemented in Yuffie’s INTERmission DLC, where it’s revealed that Zack Fair is somehow still alive and can play a part in future events.

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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Launches Early 2024 On PS5

FF7 Rebirth Cloud Tifa Aerith
Image Via Square Enix

Square Enix has confirmed that FF7 Rebirth will launch on February 29, 2024, though no precise release date has been given. It was also revealed that FF7 Rebirth is launching on PS5 and will have three month exclusivity on the platform. This is a surprise, considering the previous entry ran just fine on the PS4, even though it runs considerably faster on the PS5 hardware. It’s also unlikely that FF7 Rebirth will stay on the PS5, considering FF7 Remake eventually made its way to PC, following an extended exclusivity period.

Fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too high for this release date, as the loose window is just vague enough to leave wiggle room for a delay further down the line. The Final Fantasy series is no stranger to delays, even last-minute ones, which happened to FF15 and Endwalker. Fans shouldn’t get too hyped until Square Enix starts hammering the publicity machine and trailers are released regularly.

How Many Discs Will FF7 Rebirth Be Released On?

Image via Square Enix

Square Enix also announced that FF7 Rebirth will be spread across two discs. This is a first for the PlayStation 5, and it suggests that the game will have a mammoth file size if it needs to be spread so thinly. Oddly enough, this means that the remake series is now spread across more discs than the original game, as FF7 was released on three CDs, while the remake series is currently at four discs, with at least one more for the final entry in the trilogy.

How Will Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth’s Gameplay Differ From FF7 Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Jenova fight
Image Via Square Enix

FF7 Rebirth uses the same combat system as its predecessor, with a few new twists. The trailer has confirmed that Red XIII and Yuffie are playable, bringing their own unique moves to the party. It was also revealed that there is some dual-attack system, where certain party matchups can perform special moves when paired with each other. FF7 Rebirth also features a much more open world than FF7 Remake, with the player able to explore the lands outside of Midgar.

FF7 Rebirth Trailers

Summer Games Fest 2023 Reveal

As of the time of writing, the most recent FF7 Rebirth trailer was shown during Summer Game Fest 2023 and is now available on the official Final Fantasy YouTube channel. This is a much more in-depth trailer than the announcement video, as it shows off the returning playable characters from FF7 and reveals new information about the gameplay.

The trailer confirms that FF7 Rebirth will show the Nibelheim flashback, and the party will get as far as Cosmo Canyon. The recent novel FF7 Remake: Traces of Two Pasts has confirmed that the party will reach Costa Del Sol, though the book’s canonical status isn’t confirmed to match up to the games.

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FF7 and the INTERmission DLC ended with huge revelations, and fans are excited to see where the story will go next. FF7 Rebirth has the chance to change some of the most iconic moments in the series, leading to a narrative where the heroes and villains could meet entirely new fates. If Square Enix is confident that FF7 Rebirth will launch in 2024, it won’t be long until the lingering questions of FF7 Remake are answered.