Fight Night Collection Event – Takeovers, Features, Release date Apex Legends

Not everyone makes it to 12 rounds.

Loba and Revenant Fight Night

The Fight Night Collection Event was no secret after the trailer leaked to Apex Legends’ Japanese audience back on December 21. But now that the official announcement has been made, there is a lot more information on what the event is actually going to look like.

One of the interesting things about the Fight Night event is that all past events have been one of two types: a lore-focused Theme event (with a Stories from the Outlands short) or a cosmetic-focused Collection event. Fight Night is the first event to have both, though it is still called a Collection event, as that is it most defining feature.

The Fight Night event will begin on Tuesday, January 5 and will bring a plethora of new elements into the game:

  • An alternative to the usual Limited-Time mode model called Takeover that puts the LTM directly into Trios and Duos (not ranked)
  • New LTM will be called Airdrop Escalation Takeover and feature care package clusters of increasing rarity through the match
  • Pathfinder Town Takeover that allows players to duke it out with their fist. No abilities or weapons allowed
  • New Rewards Track full of bonuses and cosmetics
  • Full cosmetic collection and Gibraltar’s Heirloom
  • New item on Olympus: Loot MRVNs, will be map’s equivalent to Loot Ticks and Cargo Bots

The patch will also come with some meta changes, bug fixes, and quality of life updates that should make the gameplay experience more positive even beyond the event itself.