For 5th anniversary, Vermintide 2 asks players to commit rat genocide

It’s the End Times but not for humans.

Vermintide 2 anniversary

Against the seasonal backdrop of mostly-sane Halloween events, Vermintide 2 is celebrating with its community in the bloodiest and most disturbing way possible. Vermintide 2 developer Fatshark has issued an open challenge to the playerbase to try and collectively eradicate 555,555,555 enemies before November 1. And it’s not even a Halloween thing – it’s the game’s 5th anniversary. 

To be fair, this is exactly why we play Vermintide 2: for the glorious, over-the-top co-op violence. You either try Vermintide 2 for a little bit and quit, or you stay with the game so long that you learn how to time your shield bash to backhand-launch enemy corpses at your teammates for a goof.

Showing that they’re on the same page with their community, Fatshark has issued this challenge to all players across all platforms. The rules are simple: all kills count, even if players die and fail the mission. Players have until November 1 to reach the 555 million goal, with a real-time counter available on the official site. 

If the goal is reached, Vermintide 2 players get to enjoy two triple XP weekends in a row for their bloody efforts. If they miss the mark but get at least 300,000,005 kills, they get a consolation prize of a single triple XP weekend. Either way, it’s a pretty bad time to be a rat in Vermintide 2 at the moment.