Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2020 event – release date, game modes, cosmetics

Things that go bump in the night.

When is the release date for Apex Legends' 2020 Halloween event?

Image via Electronic Arts

Halloween is fast approaching, and Apex Legends is set to welcome it with open arms again. Respawn’s FPS title introduced a limited timed event, Fight or Fright, last year, and they are bringing the popular event back in 2020.

The limited-time Fall celebration will re-emerge on Thursday, October 22. It will run until November 3, so players will have 12 days to get their Halloween fill.

The announcement was made in a video on the official Apex Legends Twitter account on October 19. The footage teased the return of staples from past Fight or Fright events, including game modes and cosmetics.

Shadow Royale imited-time mode

Shadow Royale is back. Matches start like normal trios games but, when you die, you are resurrected as a “Shadow” form of your character with enhanced speed, mobility, and a powerful melee attack to boot. Think of it like Legends’ version of Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, and you will get the idea.

As a “Shadow,” you will have unlimited lives, which allows you to help keep your squad alive. You will keep returning until your whole squad is eliminated or until you emerge victorious.

Fight or Fright costume skins

Halloween costume skins are back, with new and returning costumes available to buy. However, these will be in a weekly rotation. We’ve listed what bundles are available when they can be bought, and their price below:

October 22 to October 27

  • Tortured Souls bundle – 6000 coins
  • Dark Humor bundle – 4000 coins
  • Prince of Darkness bundle – 2500 coins
  • Queens fo the Night bundle – 1500 coins

October 27 to November 3

  • Wicked Wrath bundle – 6000 coins
  • Resurrected bundle – 4000 coins
  • Dame of Death bundle – 2500 coins
  • Winger Beauty bundle – 1500 coins

Fight or Fright event weapon and charm skins

There will also be other Halloween-themed skins to buy. These will be in rotation in the shop, but their dates differ compared to the costume cosmetics:

October 22 to October 26

  • Old Town Mirage costume – 1260 coins
  • Pumpkin Parlor Longbow – 700 coins
  • Hallow’s Eve Flatline – 700 coins

October 26 to October 30

  • Ghoulish Garden Spitfire – 700 coins
  • Shadow Web P2020 – 700 coins
  • Ghouls and Ghosts Peacekeeper – 700 coins

October 30 to November 3

  • Moonlight Bash EVA-8 – 700 coins
  • Nesper Charm – 500 coins
  • Jack-o-Lantern Charm – 500 coins

Fight or Fright Haunting Prize Track

The last element of Fight or Fright is the arrival of the Haunting Prize Track. The new tracking system comes with exclusive rewards for players to unlock as they play, including an exclusive Pathfinder skin, a new monster charm, and weapon skin. These prizes can only be earned by completing specific challenges during Fight or Fright, so ensure you get your hands on them before they depart.