Former Valve Employee Speaks Up About Steam Versus Epic Games Store


Former Valve employee Richard Geldreich took to Twitter some time ago to defend the recent exclusives popping up on the Epic Games Store.

Back in December, Epic Games announced their game store and how it would feature more payment to developers, attempting to help them as they used their store platform to sell their game. For many developers, this deal was hard to pass up. As a result, over the past few months, several companies have come forward and announced that for a set amount of time they were going to feature their game exclusively on the Epic Games Store. Some of these games are triple-A titles, such as Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3.

These announcements have forced many players who usually stick to Steam having to choose between making an Epic Games account or wait until the game is no longer an Epic Games Store exclusive and finds its way to Steam. Unfortunately, many players have chosen to respond by review-bombing games on Steam, in an attempt to sway the developers to remove the exclusivity. Richard Geldreich, a former Valve employee, decided to throw his two cents into a Twitter discussion about the topic. Here’s a notable response, below.

Geldreich attempts to defend the Epic Games Store further, detailing how other stores also have exclusives, and yet people are okay with it.

The discussion continued. Geldreich held his ground and never shook away from his stance of feeling developers were tired of Valve’s treatment of them, and with an alternative available, they took it.

Because the Epic Games Store is still brand new, it’s difficult to say how much their offer to give more back to developers is going to be. It’s also difficult to tell if Valve plans to adjust how much they give to developers, based on recent feedback and the mountain of exclusives heading to the competition.