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Frustrated Pokémon Go Players Ask “What is Left to Do” Following Changes

Pokémon Go continues to get roasted.

Pokémon Go has had its fair share of ups and downs since it was released back in 2016. While it still has a diehard fanbase that enjoys collecting the adorable Pokémon on their mobile devices and smartphones, players are wondering if there’s still anything worth doing after so many glitches and changes in recent weeks.

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Fans have been taking to Reddit more often to discuss Go’s uncertain future. Unfortunately, many fans feel lost, with some even saying the game needs saving if it wants to remain popular. Sadly, some players are even giving up on Go entirely.

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Pokémon Go Has Glitches and Changes Stacking Up For Players

This discussion on Reddit talks about all the glitches right now in Pokémon Go and how it feels like there’s nothing left to do. Some of the things listed as glitches on Reddit are the PvP and Adventure Sync being broken, as well as Larvesta egg-hatching rates being “absurd.”They also don’t like how remote raids are now very expensive and that the boxes don’t have any good things in them.

Many things could be improved but whether or not those improvements will be made is another thing altogether. Unfortunately, with people becoming fed up with Niantic’s handling of the game, raids are becoming less populated. Since Pokémon GO is a very community-based game, this is a big downfall for the game.

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Fans still hold out hope for the game to improve but it might be impossible for it to ever go back to its former heights given the recent changes. If nothing else, we hope that Niantic will start to listen more to its community and get things back on track.

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