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Pokémon Go Players Attempt to Save The Game With New Ideas

Pokémon Go could use some saving.

Pokémon Go has been a huge success since its release, allowing people to gather together and catch Pokémon wherever they are in the world. However, the game has slowly started fading in the past few months, and the community is beginning to get restless.

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Fans of Pokémon are always ready to receive new content, and with Pokémon Sleep around the corner, there isn’t much going on with Pokémon Go lately. This has fans thinking, and putting together ideas about ways that Pokémon Go could improve.

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How Fans Think Pokémon Go Could Improve

In a post on Twitter, user RaspberryWeiner made a tweet throwing out some ideas that could help save Pokémon Go. The suggestions are ones that the game developers could actually benefit from since many of them are things the fans would love. “Long distance” trading is the first suggestion on the list, and it is a really good one. This would open up many new opportunities for the game as well as for the fans, as currently, you’re only able to trade with other players in-person.

Another suggestion was giving “Pokémon 2 Fast attacks.” Pokémon Go battles are serious and having a feature like this would be amazing. “Leftover Premier balls carry over to the next raid boss,” let’s admit it, we always need more Poke Balls. Further down the list on the tweet, there is “Longer Community Days.” Community days normally only last a couple of days in the game, which makes it hard for some people to join in or even get much out of the event. Having longer events would seriously help the game and its players.

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Pokémon Go is still a fan favorite for some players when it comes to their mobile devices. This is something they can easily have in their back pockets with them throughout the whole day. However, the game just hasn’t seemed to be getting the same attention that it once was. Having new features like this is something the game would truly benefit from.

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