Game Freak worker tests positive for coronavirus

Pokémon developer is the latest studio to be affected.

Game Freak worker tests positive for coronavirus

Image via Nintendo

Game Freak is the latest developer to be hit by coronavirus, with the Japanese company announcing that one of its employees had tested positive for the disease.

The Pokémon developer released a statement on Thursday, April 23, to confirm the news, but insisted that it will continue working on upcoming projects. The company’s workforce is, like other studios across the world, working remotely to lessen the spread of infection.

The employee, who works at Game Freak’s offices in Setagaya, Tokyo, was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday, April 22. The individual, who hasn’t been named, is under observation from medical staff at one of Tokyo’s hospitals.

Game Freak went on to explain that plans had been put in place, since late January, to reduce contact between employees. Face-to-face meetings, a reduction in traveling for work purposes, and the use of face masks were all implemented to ensure that COVID-19 wasn’t spread among its workforce. The staff has also been working from home since Apr. 1.

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I have translated the press release regarding a Game Freak employee contracting COVID-19.

Game Freak insisted it will continue to monitor the rest of its workforce and “take swift action” to prevent others from becoming infected inside their headquarters and at home. The statement ended with Game Freak also explaining that it will “work to ensure the safety” of its customers as well as its employees.

The news comes in light of Japan, facing a rise in the number of coronavirus cases in recent days. The country called a nationwide state of emergency on Friday, April 17, after a spike in positive test results.

Game Freak, who released Pokémon Sword and Shield, the latest entry in the franchise, last November. The Nintendo Switch title’s first expansion, The Isle of Armor, is due to be released by the end of June.