Game Theory’s MatPat Announces Unexpected Retirement From All Channels

MatPat, theory icon, gives a heartfelt goodbye to his fans as he announces his retirement as host from YouTube.

Matpat leaving announcement

Image via Game Theory

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MatPat has become the face of YouTube game theories for the past thirteen years, creating a theory empire that has influenced gamers all around the world. Today he has announced that he will be stepping down with a heartfelt goodbye, shocking the internet.

MatPat is the host of the five YouTube Channels The Game Theorists, Film Theory, Food Theory, Style Theory, and GTLive. He is most famous for his Five Nights at Freddy‘s theories and his love of lore. He has become a staple in the YouTube lineup of hosts that everyone knows and quotes on the regular.

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When is MatPat Leaving YouTube?

On January 9, 2024, MatPat released a video on The Game Theorists announcing his retirement.

MatPat has announced that he and the Theorist team will be holding MatPat’s Final 10 Theories on his channels, making March 9th, 2024 his last day and the launch of his final theory. The next 9 weeks will feature the countdown to his final day where he has expressed there will be a going away party.

He stated in his heartfelt message that he feels it is time to move on and make room for the other theorists who have been a part of the channels for a long time and that he wants to leave on a high note. I don’t know anyone more deserving to have that break. I know he has been such a huge influence on my love of theories and media. It will be hard to see him go.

What Does This Mean for the Future of Game Theory?

Matpat theory channels
Image via Game Theory

MatPat has expressed that four people will be taking the roles of hosts for each channel under the Theory umbrella. These are the familiar faces we have seen throughout the year like Amy for Style Theory and Thom for Game Theory. I think the channels will be in good hands from what I have seen over the past year or so.

He also explained that this was why he partnered with Lunarix to help run the company. He has been planning to step down for a few years and it seems that all the new changes that have been put into action have been for the preparation for the Theory Channels to continue without him.

I believe that the channels will continue to hold the same quality as they always have, as MatPat has been working hard on making everything stable before he leaves. However, I don’t think anything will quite have that special something that he was able to bring to life. With this, I think the face of Theorists will have a dramatic change. I am interested to see where the future brings fans and I wish MatPat all the luck in the future. But that’s just an article, a game article.