BG3 Fan Accidentally Turns Astarion into Human Shrek & Fans Are Weirdly Alright With It

Baldur’s Gate 3 players have taken thier love of Astarion to a completely new level, creating the now beloved “Shrekstarion”.

Shrekstarion BG3

Image by Gamepur

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With an adoring fanbase to dote on him, Baldur’s Gate 3‘s Astarion has been the source of inspiration for countless memes, fan art, and even catchy mash-up names like Goosetarion. We have Neil Newbon himself to thank for that one.

But fan-made content not only transpires beyond the screen but it also can be enjoyed in-game, as evidenced by the ridiculous plastic surgery-like mods the BG3 community has spawned since before the game’s official release. Now, however, a BG3 player has accidentally turned everyone’s favorite sexy vampire spawn into Shrekstarion, the human version.

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Human Shrek Has Never Been Hotter with This Accidental BG3 Shrek Edit for Astarion

Baldur’s Gate 3 player Shu guilessly shared their latest Baldur’s Gate 3 creation on X to showcase how Astarion would look if he were a brunette. I assume they expected some fangirls and fanboys to rush along and comment on how handsome he looked, but judging by their reaction, I don’t think they ever expected comparisons to human Shrek to be drawn.

Once you look at brunette Astarion and think, “Shrekstarion,” you really can’t unsee it. All that’s left is to replace Baldur’s Gate 3 screen title song with Smash Mouth’s All-Star and make a mod that turns Astarion’s tent into a swamp house. You can even give him a mud bath just by walking around in Act 1’s Wilderness.

Unsurprisingly, the BG3 community is vibing with this creation and can’t wait to welcome it into their playthrough. Many players have ushered in to post pictures of human Shrek in the comments, stating that brunette Astarion looks a lot more like his voice actor, Neil Newbon. The meme has spiraled out of control, and players are now suggesting that they prefer the real Shrekstarion over the human one. Some players have gone as far as asking the modding community to step in and turn human Shrekstarion into a real, palpable, playable companion for the game.

If one thing can be said about the Baldur’s Gate 3 community, it’s that even five months after the game’s original release date, they continue to deliver the most unfiltered and delightful content. Where else would you find unsung tales of vampires turning into ogres? I hope the fuel that keeps all these adorable weirdos running never runs out. Who knows, we might find out who the equivalent of horse donkey is in this Shrek & BG3 crossover soon enough.