Get cozy with some cool indies during [email protected] Winter Game Demo event

Keep an eye out for the upcoming Xbox Winter Demo Event.

Image via Xbox

Xbox traditionally holds a Game Demo event during each season showcasing the many upcoming creative titles from indie developers worldwide. Last summer, plenty of memorable entries were exhibited such as demos for Endling — Extinction is Forever and Metal: Hellsinger, and this winter promises even more.

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In partnership with Geoff Keighley’s The Game Awards, Xbox has now also announced its upcoming holiday iteration of its popular alternative game celebration. Although the full game list is set to be announced on December 6, Microsoft has already given us a few names to keep an eye out for during the event.

Some of the notable entries include Inkulinati by Yaza Games, which is a whimsical, anthropomorphic strategy adventure with an art style reminiscent of titles such as Pentiment and Okami.

You’ll also want to keep tabs on another significant title called Thirsty Suitors, which is developed by the always outstanding Annapurna Interactive. This installment’s story will focus on Jala and how she handles her tumultuous relationships all before her sister’s wedding. According to the announcement, Jala will be confronting her ex-partners in battles just like Scott Pilgrim did.

Some more noteworthy games include Rhythm Sprout, developed by SURT/tinyBuild, and Tin Hearts, developed by Rogue Sun/Wired Productions. Both creations seem to feature cartoon-like protagonists, however, they both have drastically different plots. The former features rhythm-based gameplay that includes original music, while the latter has you controlling a group of tin soldiers in a toy-filled adventure.

This event begins on December 6 and only lasts for a week until December 12 so make sure to save the date. Although some may be reinstated in the Xbox demo channel after the event, most won’t be returning so this will be the only time that you can play these demos before they’re eventually fully released.