Get your final pins in: Rumbleverse is shutting down after six months of service

One last bash.

Two fighters on the rail tracks in Rumbleverse

Image via Epic Games

February will be your last chance to land some big hits on opponents in Rumbleverse, as the servers for the young game will be going offline at the end of the month. After releasing on August 11, 2022, Epic Games seemingly was not happy with the audience or income the game was making and have made the decision to shut it down permanently.

In the below tweet and blog post from the developer, Iron Galaxy games, the date was given for the upcoming shutdown, just moments after Apex Legends Mobile got a similar announcement. They promised that this would not cause the company to go under. They did not give any indication as to what their next game could look like or who would publish it, but they oddly did mention, “You may not yet have seen the Rumble in its final form,” giving an odd sense of not finality to the situation. Maybe they are just hoping to see more people come back to the game to try and change minds in a last hurrah, but the tweet seems pretty dedicated to February 28 being the last day for the game to be playable.

As of the posting of the tweet and blog, anyone who made any purchases in Rumbleverse’s store or bought the battle pass since the game’s launch will be eligible for a full refund, which is something you don’t see too often when a game is shut down. That may clue you in that the game was bombing pretty hard on a money intake point, and Epic Games was just fine with shutting it down for good.

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In our limited amount of time in Rumbleverse, we thought it was a fun enough game. It is kind of hard to justify playing that over the countless other free-to-play games that try to steal so much of your time. Epic Games actively owning and adding to Fortnite, one of the biggest live service games, could also contribute to this shutdown.