Ghosts is a unique FMV horror game from the creator and cast of Host

You can’t play before 10 PM, and there are no in-game prompts.


Image via Visible Games

FMV horror game GHOSTS has just launched on Kickstarter. The game is inspired by titles like Night Trap and The 7th Guest but twists the FMV genre to make for a much more terrifying experience. It has been written and directed by the creator of the lockdown horror movie smash hit Host. The cast is comprised of actors from the movie’s cast.

GHOSTS will feature no in-game prompts, meaning players will need to explore each environment to find interactable objects before The Long Lady finds each protagonist and murders them in various gruesome ways.

Also, the game will only be playable after 10 PM in your local time zone. Loading the game up before that will present you with a blank screen. The blank screen ensures that the game can only be experienced in the dark of night, as is creator Jed Shepherd’s vision.

Creature design for GHOSTS comes from Trevor Henderson, the creator of the terrifying SirenHead. The game’s story focuses on a TV producer operating the broadcast van for a failing channel called FightTV. GHOSTS is the only show that draws in an audience anymore, and even those numbers have dipped significantly over the years.

Players will follow the show’s cast as they explore a location associated with tales of The Long Lady. This entity has been the source of chilling tales on the street for decades. She appears in windows at times of tragedy, foreshadowing death.

You’ll have camera feeds for each cast member at your disposal, and a heart rate monitor for each. There are also several tricks to pull out when the action lulls, though telling the difference between these and real interventions from The Long Lady might be a bit tricky.

If players can crack a code on the test screen they’re presented with if they try to play anytime before 10 PM, they can play the game with a save feature enabled. After 10 PM though, there’s no saving. If a character dies, they’re gone, and it’s down to players to try to keep as many of them alive as possible.

GHOSTS is being developed by Visible Games and published by Limited Run Games. Many items are on offer in the various backer levels, including a collector’s edition that offers you the chance to have your voice in the game.

At the time of writing, the game has generated just under $50,000 of the $227,000 required to get it fully funded. The Kickstarter page has all the information on the backer levels and benefits.