Grubbin debuts to Pokémon Go during the Bug Out! 2022 event with Mega Scizor and Genesect Chill Drive raids

Bugs have arrived as the summer heats up.

Image via Niantic

The Bug Out! event returns to Pokémon Go in 2022, allowing players to catch an array of Bug-type Pokémon as we approach the end of the Season of Go. For Bug Out! 2022, Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt will make their debut, giving you the chance to catch them in the wild. Mega Scizor will also debut in the event in Mega Raids, and Genesect is returning with an exciting twist — it will have a Chill Drive, giving it access to the Ice-type Techno Blast charged move.

The Bug Out! 2022 event starts on August 10 at 10 AM in your local area. There will be a Collection Challenge featuring multiple Bug-type Pokémon. Completing it before the end of the event on August 16 rewards you with the Bug Catch pose and 15,000 XP. Alongside that, all players will receive twice as much experience for catching Pokémon when they land a Nice, Great, or Excellent Throws. In addition, if three or more players work together to complete a Raid Battle 15 minutes after finishing it, Bug-type Pokémon will appear in a 300-meter radius around that Gym, perfect for catching Grubbin.

Grubbin will be the featured Bug-type Pokémon for the event, the starter evolution for Charjabug and Vikavolt. You will need to find this Pokémon in the wild and begin gathering candy for it. When you gather 25 Grubbin candy, you can evolve it into Charjabug. From there, you will need to use a Magnetic Lure and 100 Grubbin candy to evolve it into a Vikavolt.

For those eager to jump into raids, Mega Scizor will be available in Mega Raids, and Genesect with a Chill Drive is appearing in five-star raids. Both encounters will likely require you to bring at least three players to complete them, giving you a good chance to catch more Bug-type Pokémon after you’re done. These two raids will end after the event.

It’s good to see the Bug Out! event returning for 2022, and there are several notable Pokémon featured in this event. In previous years, the Bug Out! only promoted new shiny forms, so we’re glad to see there’s a lot more going on than simply another shiny Pokémon for players to try and hunt down.