Hades 2 makes its debut at the Game Awards, following up on Supergiant’s smash hit original

The series continues.

Image via the Video Game Awards YouTube

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The Hades series from developers Supergiant continues with a sequel. We have Hades 2, with a similar structure to the original one, where the main character will be taking on various enemies in an ever-changing, rogue-like dungeon. Instead of the previous main character, Zagreus, we have a female protagonist who appears to be another child of Hades.

The debut trailer appeared shortly after Christopher Judge accepted his award for God of War Ragnarok. The trailer starts by showing the protagonist training using multiple weapons and spells against their teacher before they are ultimately defeated. Although we know little about the main character, the main antagonist will be the titan Chronos, and they have captured Hades.

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The format of the game appears to remain faithful to the original. Players will lead their characters through the dungeon, picking up random blessings from the various Greek gods to augment their playstyles. Although players can find ways to manipulate what blessings appear, most of them are random, creating a genuinely chaotic run, especially given the weapon the player is using.

We don’t know if our new protagonist will be using the same arsenal Zagreus used when he attempted to escape Hades. From the brief glimpses of the weapons she was using, it looks like they will differ. We did catch a handful of notable gods that will appear, such as Nemesis, the goddess of revenge, and Apollo. These are only a small handful we can expect to see in Hades 2 as we learn more about it. There might also be some returning, such as Zeus, Poseidon, Dionysus, Artemis, and several others that appeared to assist Zagreus during his journey to the surface.

Hades 2 will go into early access, similar to the first one. We do know it will be on Epic Games and Steam like Hades. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Hades 2 on multiple consoles during early access.