Image via Corey Laddo

Half-Life Alyx mod Levitation promises to add a four to five-hour story campaign later this year

The free mod is aiming to release this summer.

More story is coming to Half-Life: Alyx, but not in the way VR players might think — a new story campaign is coming to the game through a mod called Levitation. The fan-made mod will take around four to five hours to complete and will see players investigate a mysterious levitating building. This story seems to have more of a focus on action and thrills, based on Levitation’s trailer.

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The free downloadable mod is being developed in collaboration between SFM animator Corey Laddo and level designer/artist Shawn Snelling who is better known as CS:GO map creator FMPONE. The project was originally announced in July; the Levitation Mod is set to add an entirely new story and environments, which will release this summer, according to a trailer description of the mod.

The trailer gives Half-Life: Alyx players a good look at the upcoming content, which looks to see the return of G-Man and Russell. The new information on the mod has led to excitement among fans, with one YouTube comment saying “God I hope this isn’t a delayed April Fool’s joke because I am so excited to see this.”

Levitation is one of many mods players have added to the game since its release, including a BioShock-themed mod, a multiplayer mode, and a horde mode that sees players facing waves of enemies. The upcoming mod seems to be the only new Half-Life content coming, but maybe more news is on the way as references to a Half-Life: Alyx sequel were datamined from Aperture Desk Job last month.

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