Halo Infinite Campaign requires an online connection to start

Are discs just digital in disguise?

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s merely two days before the launch of the Halo Infinite Campaign, and reviews have been strong, with the shooter currently sitting at 86 on Metacritic. However, these hands-on previews have also led to other discoveries.

According to Senior Writer and Video Producer for Digital Foundry, John Linneman, the disc for the Halo Infinite Campaign does not contain enough data for the game to be playable on its own. This revelation might give pause to players who expected to play the disc version right out of the box.

Supposedly, when you put in the disc and let it copy itself onto the console, you will be told the game requires a download. Linneman aptly points out that this will be the first Halo game where you can’t own an actual physical copy. He also stated, “this is not a good trend, and I hope MS [Microsoft] reconsiders things like this.”

With this newfound knowledge, it’s safe to say that an online connection is required to play the Halo Infinite Campaign. Now, this isn’t rare in modern games. Multiple big titles over the last few years have needed online downloads. However, this is disappointing news to any Halo fans with tight data caps or limited access to the internet. These players will have to find alternative ways to download the game and its day one patch when the Halo launches on December 8th.