All Halo Infinite Ranked Tiers, Explained

Level up.

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Halo Infinite is a game many players love to play competitively. From its iconic and nostalgic gameplay to its variety in playstyle and equipment, there is always some new what to test yourself against other players. One fan-favorite mode is Ranked, where you’ll go up against similarly skilled players and try to climb the ladder to the top of the leaderboard. Below, we’ll outline all of the ranks you’ll soon be flying past, to give you a better idea of everything you’ll need to work through.

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All Halo Infinite ranked tiers and sub-ranks

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There are a total of six rank tiers in Ranked mode with each rank having six sub-ranks except for the last one. Below is the list of those ranks and their respective sub-ranks.

  • Bronze (one to six)
  • Silver (one to six)
  • Gold (one to six)
  • Platinum (one to six)
  • Diamond (one to six)
  • Onyx

The sub-ranks represent how much progress you’ve made with one being the base sub-rank and six being the highest level on your sub-rank. After leveling up from the sixth sub-rank you will move up to the next rank. Once you reach the Onyx rank there will be no sub-ranks and instead, you will be shown with numeric CSR ratings starting from 1,500 with no max capacity.

Players will begin their journey unranked at the beginning of each season or after any rank reset, and they must play 10 qualification matches before receiving their first CSR. The maximum starting CSR you can obtain following the qualification matches is often found within the Diamond tier for players who frequently find themselves at the top of the leaderboard.

In Halo Infinite, additional incentives are unlocked as players finish placement matches and advance up their CSR levels. Each player in the first season will receive their rank icon to use as an emblem on their weapons, and those who make it to Onyx will earn the Recon weapon charm.