Halo Infinite multiplayer season 1 launches today, available now

The fight starts now.

photo of master chief in halo infinite

Image via 343 Industries

The Halo Infinite multiplayer season 1 has launched today following the Xbox 20th anniversary celebration live stream. The multiplayer will be available for everyone who preordered the game or has access to a game pass subscription for Xbox or PC.

The release of the Halo Infinite multiplayer has been hinted at for several days, with a massive amount of speculation. The rumors began circulating late last week and into the weekend. There was no official confirmation about this happening. However, the Xbox anniversary live stream confirmed it with the 343 industries team announcing that players will download Season 1 starting today, and they can jump straight into the action.

The active multiplayer is being marketed as a beta at this time. However, all of the gameplay details and stats players earn during this time frame leading up to the game’s official launch on December 8 will be carried over.

Halo Infinite season 1 is called Heroes of Reach, and players will be able to earn cosmetics and armor inspired by the Halo Reach game. Each season in the multiplayer will last for three months, and you’ll be able to repeat previous season battle passes if you missed them.

The entire campaign for Halo Infinite will be released to everyone on December 8.