Halo Infinite speedrunners are now beating the game in half an hour or less

They’re finishing the fight as quickly as possible.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Halo Infinite’s speedrunning community broke new ground in early January when two speedrunners finished the game’s campaign in under 30 minutes. According to HaloRuns, an online leaderboard for Halo speedruns, speedrunner Sasquatch recorded the first sub-30 minute time at 29 minutes and 49 seconds on January 2. One day later, another runner named rocats shaved off over 30 seconds, finishing at 29 minutes and 12 seconds.

Both runners shared videos of their record-breaking runs on YouTube. In both runs, the speedrunners made liberal use of the grappling hook to not only clear gaps and travel vertically, but also to gain momentum while traveling on foot. Sasquatch and rocats also made use of an exploit that allows players to skip certain missions in the campaign by quitting and reloading the game at certain points. Each runner also played on easy mode, reducing the risk of time penalties imposed by death during combat.

According to HaloRuns, no other speedrunner has broken the 30-minute mark at the time of writing. B34RF4CE currently has the third-fastest time at 30 minutes and eight seconds. As the leaderboard stands, almost all of the top times were recorded by players on PC. ProPierceRTA, who recorded a time of a little over one hour, is the only Infinite speedrunner on HaloRuns who performed their run on an Xbox One.

Based on HaloRuns’ leaderboards, it doesn’t look like anyone’s broken the 30-minute mark while playing the game on Legendary. byNailz is the quickest speedrunner in this category with a time of 36 minutes and seven seconds. Even so, finishing Halo Infinite in under an hour is a feat worth praising, given its open-world structure makes it the largest Halo campaign in the series’ history.