Halo Infinite’s co-op mode delayed from season 2’s launch

The wait just got longer.

Image via 343 Industries

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Anyone who has been holding off on playing Halo Infinite’s campaign to be able to play with a friend will be waiting even longer. Campaign cooperative play has been delayed from the start of Season 2 content, which begins on May 3. There is no updated expected release date for the feature.

When talking about why co-op is being delayed, 343 Industries wrote in a blog that since they are committed to delivering four person network play, and two player splitscreen, in Halo Infinite’s open world on all Xbox consoles, that they need more time to get it right. Because the game has a large open world, the development is much more complicated than in the past where everyone was in the same small hallways. Now the game needs to account for loading larger sections of the map when people go in different directions and still running well.

The team did write that co-op is expected to come at some point in Season 2, but if the length of the season is about five months long like the first season, that leaves a wide gap for potential time frames. There was no word on the team testing the feature in a flight like they are currently doing with Forge mode for content creators that is expected to come at the start of Season 3.