Halo Infinite’s elusive battle royale mode rumored for November launch

It could feature single-player content too.

Image via 343 Industries

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There seems to be a debate about whether Halo Infinite’s new Last Spartan Standing mode is a battle royale or not. Although it bears a lot of the usual hallmarks, the fact that it’s limited to only 12 players who have finite lives suggests otherwise. If the latest rumors are to be believed, then a proper battle royale mode is still in the works.

Windows Central’s Jez Corden, who has previously claimed that such a mode exists, shared further information about it on the most recent episode of the Xbox Two podcast. For starters, he believes the mode could launch as early as November. However, it could feasibly be delayed until early 2023.

What’s more, he says it’s “not a traditional battle royale, it’s not going to be a complete copy clone of PUBG for example, it’s not going to be a one-to-one clone. I’ve heard it’s going to be duos and trios.” Plus, it’ll incorporate elements from Halo Infinite‘s campaign, such as side quests.

Corden also believes that the reason 343 Industries hasn’t announced it yet is that there’s no strict deadline for it, which is why it could be pushed back and released as part of the game’s fourth season of content.

There have been rumors of Halo Infinite getting a proper battle royale mode for months now, with dataminers finding evidence of it in the game’s code. It’s commonly theorized that this is what Certain Affinity, a support studio that has regularly contributed to the Halo series’ multiplayer, is working on.