Halo MCC April 2019 Update Introduces 60 Hz Server Tick-Rate, New Loading Screens, Game Types


A new Halo: The Master Chief Collection update is now available for Xbox One users.

The April update implements a lot of stuff, both from a technical and a visual perspective, ahead of the release of the MCC on PC.

Servers tick-rates, among the most important things, is now set to 60 Hz, which should help make online multiplayer even smoother.

“We’ve upgraded the rate at which network packets are sent by the server in Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 2A,” says 343 Industries.

“We have also increased limits on how much data each individual packet can contain. This includes data about the position of bipeds, where they’re aiming, what projectiles they’re firing, etc. The server prioritizes what data is contained in a packet until it reaches a maximum size.”

New loading screens have been added, featuring more information for the players in the wait, together with other small quality of life improvements.

Multiplayer loading screens will now feature:

  • Map name
  • Primary starting weapon
  • Time limit
  • Score to win
  • Gamertags in session
  • Loading states (configuring, connecting, joining, validating, and loading)
  • Data center hosting dedicated server of match
  • Game type and description
  • More tooltips related to what you are playing

Campaign loading screens are coming instead with:

  • Mission name
  • Difficulty
  • Skulls turned on
  • Gamertags in session
  • Game type and description
  • Loading states
  • More tooltips related to what you are playing.

Halo 2 has new custom games options, while the overall collection has two new nameplates to unlock and new game types to find in the social matchmaking.

You can check the full changelog on Halo Waypoint, with more details on the April update which should be the last before the Halo Reach beta comes on Xbox One.