Here’s how Mario Kart Tour multiplayer works, releasing on Mar. 8

Mario Kart Tour’s online multiplayer will be releasing soon. Here are the details.

Mobile racing game Mario Kart Tour will be receiving online multiplayer this Sunday, Mar. 8th at 8 P.M. PT according to the game’s official Twitter. The tweet also mentions that players will be able to compete against seven other players, whether they’re in-game friends, nearby, or around the world.

In a separate tweet, they went into how online multiplayer will function. Playing alongside friends or anyone nearby will allow you to choose your own rules, but obviously will not affect your driver grade.

Standard races will take place against players all over the world. While racing in standard races, you will have a grade from E to A that can be improved on with rules that will change daily between default item slots and two item slots. All standard races will be in 100cc.

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Finally, gold races are exclusively available to Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscribers, which will have its own grade system from E to S for you to improve upon. These races will have four different rule sets that will change daily, either default or two item slots in 150 cc or 200 cc default item slots or one item slot.

Finally, course selection will include three courses in the current tour. The featured cup will change every 15 minutes.