Hestu Voice Actor Calls Out TotK Players for “Sins Against Koroks”

Tears of the Kingdom players have been putting Koroks in miserable situations – and Hetsu’s voice actor is not amused.

Hetsu Tears of the Kingdom

Screenshot by Gamepur

Since Tears of the Kingdom’s release on May 12, players have been causing all manner or torment to Koroks scattered throughout Hyrule. Fans have shared images of strange contraptions built using the Ultrahand ability, and some have started expressing concern for the Koroks strapped to them.

While many have expressed amusement or bewilderment at the strange circumstances the harmless forest creatures have endured, others are starting to share concern. This includes Hetsu‘s voice actor, who has spoken out about Korok torture on Twitter – with a tragic admission.

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Hetsu Voice Actor Accidentally Roasted Some Koroks

Hetsu Tears of the Kingdom
Screenshot by Gamepur

In a series of tweets, Valenzuela bared her feelings regarding Korok torture in Tears of the Kingdom. She wrote, “I see your sins against Koroks,” implying her knowledge of the players’ cruel deeds.

However, Valenzuela also admitted to a personal mishap, confessing she had accidentally partaken in Korok shenanigans, adding, “To be fair, I made my Korok buddy a horse-drawn carriage to take him to his friend, but I ended up running into some fire fruit, blew up the carriage AND set the horse on fire. traumatizing”

Fans in the comments have no mercy for the Koroks, however. One stated “They deserve it”, followed by an image of a Korok stuck to a cross, while another added, “but the job is getting done, isn’t it? the methods don’t matter.” In regards to comments about how the Koroks need to return to their friends.

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While the creative options of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are offering a very different experience from BotW, it does seem possible certain fans may be mad with power when it comes to the fate of the Koroks. Despite this, it has led to some unique and interesting interactions in the community Zelda players aren’t likely to forget.