Tears of the Kingdom: How to Find The Korok Forest

The Korok Forest makes a comeback in Tears of the Kingdom, but finding and entering it is is not as straight forward as you think.

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Koroks still roam the land — and skies — of Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, and you can even revisit their homeland, the Korok Forest, which holds a special place in every Zelda fan’s heart. After all, it’s where the legendary Master Sword was tucked away, waiting patiently for Link to find it after his slumber in the previous game.

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How to Find the Korok Forest in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Korok Forest is in the Central Hyrule region, at the center of the Great Hyrule Forest. Unlike other trees in Tears of the Kingdom, the Korok Forest’s trees have not moved an inch since Breath of the Wild. You could be tempted to head to the Lost Wood’s entrance and replicate the path from the previous entry, but it won’t work.

How to Enter the Korok Forest in Tears of the Kingdom

ToK: Korok Forest Entrance Location

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The way to reach the Korok Forest in Tears of the Kingdom is through The Depths, specifically by finding the Minshi Woods Chasm. Before jumping into this massive hole, equip several Brightbloom Seeds and place a waypoint in the middle of the Hyrule Forest to avoid getting lost in the Depths.

ToK: How to Reach the Korok Forest

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When your feet find the ground, follow the Lightroots and drop some Brightbloom Seeds to avoid stepping on Gloom. Head to the area with barren trees to the left. There’s a bigger, hollow tree at the end – climb or Ascend it to continue.

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Keep progressing through the treetops until there aren’t any left. Then, turn to the right and step on safe land. However, watch out for the pool of Tears of the Kingdom Gloom on the left as it will potentially spawn hands that Link will then need to take care of.

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Head toward the lights until you run into some roots around a tall building. Once inside this building, position yourself at the center and use the Ascend ability. Once Links emerges from the Depths, he will be in the Korok Forest.

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