Hideo Kojima fans think Norman Reedus or Mads Mikkelsen are being teased for his next project

Who’s standing on the ladder?

Image via Kojima Productions

It seems Hideo Kojima is always working on something new, and his fans analyze every tweet, picture, and post for hints about what’s coming next. And it just happened again, go figure.

Kojima tweeted a production photo from his latest project, for which he’s been “revising the plan and script, and experimenting with everything else.” The photo in question features what appears to be a performer standing atop a stepladder with their back to the camera. The question is, who’s back is it? Replies to the tweets theorize both Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen — we see Mads more than Norman, personally.

Both actors have collaborated with Hideo Kojima in the past, of course. Most recently they appeared in Death Stranding as protagonist Sam Bridges and antagonist Cliff Unger, respectively. Prior to Death Stranding, Reedus had been cast as the hero of Silent Hills, the canceled horror project that involved Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro (who also appeared in Death Stranding). While there are rumors about Konami working on new Silent Hill titles, there’s no reason to think this tweet is connected.

However, there’s a real possibility that it’s linked to the new film, TV, and music division that Kojima Productions is opening. That venture was just announced, so Kojima teasing the first of its productions would make sense.