Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores Trailer Goes Hard & Fans Love it

The Burning Shores is filled with machines to destroy against a gorgeously vibrant backdrop.


Screenshot via Guerrilla Games’ YouTube channel

Guerrilla Games has released another teaser video for Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming DLC, Burning Shores. It showcases Aloy’s prowess at killing machines, and fans can’t get over how hard it goes or how stunning the new location is in the background.

The latest teaser video for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is a stripped-back montage of Aloy battling against machines. It shows off a new ability you can use to take advantage of downed enemies and highlights just how beautiful the Burning Shores are.

Fans adore Aloy’s new ability and the varied color palette of the Burning Shores

The new video starts off showing Aloy fighting with two Clawstriders. She quickly downs them both and then shows off a new ability, one players will presumably acquire through the DLC’s story. Aloy can leap over a downed machine and inflict a critical strike. This can then be followed by a ranged attack on a specific weapon point that will instantly kill the machine.

The eye-catching part of this scene isn’t the battle with the Clawstriders. It’s the way the lava flows behind them makes everything feel alive. Horizon Forbidden West was colorful, but Burning Shores broadens its palette to make it look like a new game. In the next scene, the fight against a Slaughterspine, even the grass seems greener.

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This video tells us a few things about the upcoming DLC. First, there will be a mix of familiar machines from the base game as well as new ones like the Waterwing. The fact that an endgame machine like the Slaughterspine is present, and not as a boss, shows that the machines here are incredibly challenging and will require upgraded gear to take down.

Finally, in terms of lore, the lava you can see around the Burning Shores has clearly fed the land with nutrients instead of destroying it. This is why the grass looks greener, and everything feels fresher than in the Forbidden West. Machines here will almost certainly have purposes ranging from restoring the local wildlife to building up islands in the region and processing the lava flows into arable soil so plants can grow much sooner, faster, and better than if things were left entirely to nature. With just six days left until the DLC is released, it’s hard to see Guerrilla Games revealing any more surprises like the ability shown in this video. The only thing left to give fans more of a glimpse of is where the story will take them.