Guerrilla Games reveals the Waterwing, Aloy’s new ride for air and underwater travel in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Waterwings can be your greatest ally or an unrelenting foe.


Image via Guerrilla Games

Today Guerrilla Games showed off the first new machine from Horizon Forbidden West’s upcoming expansion, Burning Shores. The Waterwing is a new machine that Aloy will be able to tame at some point, allowing her to soar through the skies and dive beneath the surface of the water to travel much faster than she ever has before.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores will be released on April 19 exclusively for PS5, and now developer Guerrilla Games is trying to stir up some excitement among fans. One of the most appealing aspects of the Horizon franchise is the machines and how they’ve evolved. Burning Shores is no exception, and now we have our first glimpse at one of the new machines we’ll be fighting, riding, and watching when it’s out.

The Waterwing blends two sub-types of machine, flying and aquatic, giving Aloy a way to travel quickly between points of interest and explore the new region Burning Shores adds. Its design appears to be based on pelicans due to the large bottom jaw it sports. All machines are based on some animal that lived on Earth at one point in time, so this would make sense within the game’s lore. This jaw could be used to gather resources or remove diseased fish from the environment, though we’ll need to wait until we get our hands on the DLC to find out.

Spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West ahead. At the end of Horizon Forbidden West, Aloy and her friends discover an imminent threat to Earth. They each leave to ask various tribes for help in the coming struggle, but we don’t know where Aloy herself is heading. In the only trailer we’ve had for Burning Shores so far, Aloy is wearing Quen armor, indicating that she’ll be working with the tribe in some way. This trailer also shows a functional Horus machine, one of the biggest machines in the series, which may lead Aloy to a weapon that can help her in the future or at least give the tribes of Earth a fighting chance at surviving what comes next.