Horizon: Zero Dawn patch 1.08, bringing achievements to The Epic Game Store and much more – Patch notes

Achievements for the Epic Game Store and a GOG.com version to play.


Image via Guerrilla Games

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Guerrilla Games has confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn patch 1.08 is now live for PC players. The patch brings in several bug fixes and opens up a new feature missing from a certain platform.

By far, the most exciting aspect of this patch is the introduction of achievements for Epic Game Store users. This is exactly what achievement hunters have been waiting for on the platform. However, if you’re hoping to unlock achievements retroactively, you’re out of luck. If you want to unlock every single one, you’ll need to start a brand new playthrough.

This is made possible thanks to an upgrade to the game’s Epic SDK, which also introduces cloud saves. It should be a little easier to hunt down the toughest achievements now that you can play across multiple devices.

The second-best thing about this update is that it finally brings Horizon: Zero Dawn to GOG.com. This means you can play across Steam, the Epic Game Store, and GOG.com from now on.

Among the various fixes in this patch are a collection of fixes, including one that should help anyone who has been hearing metallic voices during dialogue.

The full Horizon: Zero Dawn patch 1.08 notes are below. If you can’t find a fix for an issue you’re experiencing, you can get in touch with Guerrilla Games.


  • Some players are experiencing graphical settings issues, such as HDR not working correctly.
  • Some players are experiencing performance issues on specific GPUs or hardware combinations.
  • We’re aware of and continue to investigate issues that are not yet solved on both the player-compiled lists by u/EvilMonkeySlayer and u/Rampage572 – thank you!


Crash Fixes

  • Fixed an audio crash when using mono audio devices
  • Fixed a crash that could happen in certain circumstances on 5.1 audio devices
  • Fixed a crash in NetPresenceManager
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur during Shader optimization
  • Fixed a crash in PlacementMeshUpdateJob that occurred on machines with more than 16 cores
  • Fixed a start-up crash for CPUs that do not support AVX instructions

Audio Improvements

  • Potential fix for dialogue sounding metallicy and blown out for some users

Functionality Improvements

  • Epic SDK updated to latest version and now supports platform features like Achievements and Cloud Saves
  • GOG SDK integrated for launch on GOG.com

Performance Improvements

  • Improved VRAM budgeting which should help prevent VRAM-related instability and improve general performance and reduce micro-stutters
  • Improved Clouds performance on high and ultra settings
  • Improved swap-chain buffering to allow for smoother frame-pacing

Graphical Improvements

  • Fixed clouds looking pixelated in certain windowed resolutions
  • Added FidelityFX Contrast Adaptive Sharpening functionality to Graphics Settings