Housemarque would like to continue to develop bigger games like Returnal

Housemarque wants to create bigger and bigger experiences.

Returnal PS5

Returnal was easily the biggest project to come from Housemarque. The studio that created the acclaimed Resogun went on to create one of the biggest exclusive PlayStation 5 titles to date. The studio has received praise from all around for its efforts on the game, and it looks like the studio would like to keep creating bigger and better experiences.

Housemarque marketing director Makael Haveri gave an interview with Game Reactor and shared some insight on what the studio is looking forward to doing in the near future. Haveri said that Returnal was a very important game for the studio, not only because it was a great game, but because it defines what the studio can do in the future with games. Haveri stated: “Returnal will be defining the future type of titles we want to make. The idea is that we now want to show we’re not just a ‘Resogun-studio.’ We can do all kinds of things, and from our studio’s perspective that means that we want to go for these bigger types of experiences.”

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For those of you who love the smaller arcade titles the studio has made in the past, Haveri didn’t rule out a future where those games are still being created. He continued: “Now, we still love arcade. We still love smaller games as well. Who knows? Maybe 26 years in the future we’ll do more of that as well.”

However, it does sound like Housemarque is more interested in creating bigger experiences like Returnal right now. Now that the studio has shown it can create a triple-A experience, it would be hard to go back to a smaller one. The marketing director concluded by saying that creating a new triple-A experience “really depends on how successful we are able to build ourselves with the types of experiences that Returnal now is representing.”