Does Returnal have save points?

Can you save your progress?

Image via PlayStation

Returnal, the new roguelike, third-person action game from Housemarque, is proving to be quite the challenge for players. The scary exploration and challenging combat is giving many people pause for taught about the best way to survive in the game.

A common question at the moment is how to save the game during a run, or if it has save points that you can find. You cannot save the game during a run, and must finish the run completely if you want to keep the progress.

At any point, if you wish, you can pause the game and use the Restart Cycle option to return to the Helios crash site, or you can simply turn off the game. What you cannot do is save the game in the middle of a run and then come back to it later.

Players who simply drop out of a run will find themselves back at the Helios crash site the next time they start up the game. The only real way to effectively pause the game for a long time during a run is to use the PlayStation 5’s rest mode, then pick the game up again later.

The important story progression in Returnal comes as a result of a fully completed run, so you really do want to ensure you have enough time to finish one before you start.