Humble Bundle is making its subscription service simpler and cheaper

It’s never been easier to stay humble.

Image via Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has been doing admirable work for over a decade, offering bundles of games at pay-what-you-want prices and distributing the proceeds to developers and charities. It hasn’t always hit the nail on the head, as the response to last year’s plans to scrap its donation sliders proved, but the company’s latest move will likely pique the interest of Humble veterans and newcomers alike.

Alongside its bundle offerings, Humble has also offered a subscription service called Humble Choice for several years now. For a monthly payment, customers could choose from a selection of games and gain access to the Humble Trove, a massive collection of DRM-free indie games and other offerings. According to a blog post today, however, the company is looking to streamline its approach to Humble Choice starting next month.

The previous three-tier system, with monthly payments ranging from $5 to $20, is being scrapped in favor of a simpler, singular plan. Starting in February, Humble Choice will offer users all its curated games for $12 a month, along with access to the Humble Games Collection and the Vault, a revamped alternative to the Humble Trove.

With those benefits, along with discounts in the regular Humble store and a brand new desktop app to go with it, the changes to Humble Choice are sure to tempt in new users. And for the more humanitarian punters, there’s the guarantee that 5% of monthly subscriptions will be donated to charitable causes, too.