Ikumi Nakamura designs three Rainbow Six Siege Operators as traffic lights in latest bundle

Green light, red light, yellow light.

Screenshot via Ubisoft YouTube

Game designer and Evil Within concept artist Ikumi Nakamura has released a trio of traffic light designs for three Rainbow Six Siege Operators — namely Mute, Smoke, and Thatcher. The designs come as the latest in a series of eight hand-picked Operators that Nakamura has reimagined for the popular multiplayer-FPS title.

Publisher Ubisoft released a short trailer showcasing the Operators’ fantastical designs today on its official YouTube channel. There, the three SAS Operators pose in a sequence of dramatic stances, complete with flashing lights and pounding music. The most notable features of the new designs are the huge, vibrant traffic lights that replace each Operators’ normal gas masks.

Smoke gets the green “Kiiro-Shingô” Epic Headgear, Mute has the red “Aka-Shingô” Epic Headgear, and Thatcher receives the “Ao-Shingô” Epic Headgear. Along with traffic-light faces, the bundle includes Epic Uniforms for each Operator. The clothes are lined with caution tape that corresponds to the color of each Operator’s traffic light. Smoke’s is called “Brake Cover,” Thatcher’s is “Tôryanse,” and Mute’s is “Dead End.”

Caution tape also lines the new Weapon Skins for the M590A1 Shotgun, the MP5K Submachine Gun, and the L85A2 Assault Rifle. Finally, players who purchase the 4,080-R6-Credits bundle now available in the store will receive the “Flashing Red,” “Flashing Amber,” and “Flashing Green” Epic Universal Weapon Charms.