In Other Waters developer is teasing a reveal for later today

The tease is similar to the dialogue from In Other Waters.


Image via Jump Over The Age

Jump Over The Age, the developer of the unique deep-sea 2D indie title In Other Waters, is teasing something new. The official In Other Waters Twitter account has posted a thread containing a dialogue between two characters and has changed its name to include a hint that an announcement will be made today.

The name of the In Other Waters Twitter account now contains “???” with the time 9 AM PT next to it. This, coupled with the thread posted today, has led to fans expectantly waiting in the comments on the thread for the reveal.

The thread of dialogue itself sees one character, RC, receive a transmission. The second character, EP, is much more animated in the conversation between the two. This mirrors the dialogue from In Other Waters, in which the human character was more animated, and the diving suit AI was far more clinical in conversations. The dialogue ends with EP getting into a suit and reading themselves to head outside. RC then warns them that something is gathering around the ship, and EP should be wary.

In Other Waters launched in 2020 following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The unique visuals give the player a single yellow dot as their protagonist, requiring them to head out into a vast ocean and interact with the wildlife, also displayed as small yellow dots. Throughout the story, players uncover the truth about an underwater facility on a distant alien world and help memories that have been buried for far too long.