Indigo Disk Gives Pokemon Players The Challenge They Want, According To Previews

Previewers are praising the battles featured in the Indigo Disk, and double battles that take place at Blueberry Academy.


Image Via The Pokemon Company

The first round of previews for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet expansion of the Indigo Disk has arrived, and many with hands-on experience with the game have been praising the more challenging battles. The expansion is supposedly much more difficult for average players, and many should expect more sophisticated tactics.

The Indigo Disk is the second expansion for Scarlet & Violet fans, where they can explore the Blueberry Academy. Although the battles were highly praised in the previews, many highlighted that the optimization and smoother framerate issues The Pokemon Company discussed for Scarlet & Violet are not here and have seemingly been forgotten.

Indigo Disk Brings The Best Battles to Pokemon But Still Has Poor Optimization

Image Via The Pokemon Company

The previews went live earlier today, and those who had a chance to check it out stressed they could only play the Indigo Disk for roughly an hour. Players had a chance to explore the Terarium, a large arena with four unique habitats for players to explore. Each habitat has a variety of unique Pokemon for players to catch, giving them more opportunities to expand their growing Scarlet & Violet Pokedex with many returning Pokemon.

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The big highlight for many was the exciting battles featured in Indigo Disk against the Blueberry Academy trainers. All trainers will have a variety of high level Pokemon in their roster, making this location much tougher than anything seen in the base Scarlet & Violet game. Not only do they have stronger Pokemon, but these trainers use more deadly tactics, with notable Double Battle strategies, with multiple Pokemon having Held Items to give them an extra edge.

Joe Merrick, the creator behind the Serebii website, remarked, “Even if your teams are Level 80 and above, you may find them trickier than you would think for a standard play-through of a Pokemon game.”

One thing many Pokemon players have always struggled with is the difficulty of Pokemon games, and it’s never been that they’ve been too challenging. It’s usually because they’re too easy. With previewers praising the battle systems and improved combat, fans will want to make sure they have their team prepared for these upcoming challenges and that they have a fleshed-out team ready to tackle any combination in the Indigo Disk.

A glaring issue in this preview build was the continued optimization issues and framerate drops. These were common when Scarlet & Violet first launched in November 2022 and continue to be one of the most significant issues for many modern Pokemon games. It seems that The Pokemon Company has all but abandoned this, but there’s still a tiny hope that something might occur before the Indigo Disk releases on December 14, 2023. However, the chance of this happening is incredibly slim, unfortunately.