Top 10 Pokemon Trainer Classes We Want To Return in Indigo Disk DLC

It’s more than just Ace Trainers and Rivals out here.

Image by GameFreak

Image by GameFreak

Trainer classes are an interesting feature that adds a bit of character to would-be bland battles. Without them, every Trainer would be indistinguishable from another, appearing as a fellow Gym challenger in different clothes.

Luckily, Pokemon’s worldbuilding is robust, including different vocations for the people you’re battling. These include toddlers, construction workers, psychics, and gang members.

Indigo Disc seems to be all about battles, which is why this DLC is a ripe opportunity for some Trainer classes that haven’t been used in a while to make a comeback. Since the Teal Mask DLC introduced Trainer classes that weren’t initially used in the main game, history tells us that some fresh Trainer classes will also appear in this installment. Below, we have our top picks for Trainer classes that would totally make sense to appear in Scarlet and Violet: The Indigo Disc.

10. Hex Maniac

Image by GameFreak

The Hex Maniac is a popular Trainer class that first appeared in Ruby and was more popularized with the transition to 3D with X and Y. The last time we saw her was in the remakes of her debut title, which is why she is one of the best choices for a Trainer class comeback in Indigo Disc. Given that the entire DLC is about battling, the Hex Maniac would be a great choice for an eccentric Trainer you must face on your way to the top of the ranks.

9. Parasol Lady

Image by GameFreak

While she isn’t as rarely seen as Hex Maniac, the Parasol Lady first debuted in Ruby and Sapphire, reappearing most recently in remakes exclusively. In a DLC full of battle-ready Trainers, the Parasol Lady would be a welcome switch up, being a relative fan favorite ever since her original debut. Given her presence in games like Black and White, which had facilities like the Battle Subway, her appearance in Indigo Disc wouldn’t be too shocking to see.

8. Poke Fan Family

Image by GameFreak

The return of the Poke Fan Family would not be amiss. They haven’t been spotted since they first appeared in X and Y, and that’s a real shame. They offer a unique way to Double Battle, along with being an adorable concept for a Pokemon battle. In a place like the one in Indigo Disc, battles are the name of the game, so the more varied Trainers we can get, the better. Any Double Battles would be a welcome addition, making Trainer classes like this highly valuable for consideration.

7. Punk Girl/Punk Guy

Image by GameFreak

Punk Girl and Punk Guy originally were their own characters before Team Skull took over during the events of Sun and Moon and made the Trainer class a part of their group. Either way, the Punk Trainer class means pink hair, a black tank top, and lots of attitude. Since Indigo Disc is a battle-heavy DLC pack, having Trainers with a sassy step in their stride would likely work very well.

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6. Firebreather

Image by GameFreak

The Firebreather Trainer class hasn’t been seen since SoulSilver and HeartGold, which is unfortunate because they are quite unique and Fire-type-oriented. If you want diversity in your battles in Indigo Disc, having a Firebreather be one of the Trainers that challenges you while you’re on the island would be a great way to do it. They mostly deal in Fire-type and otherwise explosive Pokemon, so if we really do get to see one during the upcoming DLC, be sure to send out any dousing Water types first.

5. Reporter

Image by GameFreak

The Reporter is an interesting case since, more often than not, they are usually hiding in buildings rather than being a battle you face on the road during your Gym challenge. One reason the Reporter (and, by consequence, the Cameraman) would be a great fight to have in the Indigo Disc is because the Indigo Disc itself is a feat in the Pokemon world. While it isn’t the first all-tech island out there, it certainly might be the second. If there’s an interesting place to be evaluated, a Reporter being there wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. Both of these Trainer classes would make for a somewhat nostalgic fight since this Trainer type has been with us since the early days of Pokemon.

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4. Pokemon Ranger

Image by GameFreak

Another class of Trainer that would fit right in with the battle-centric themes is the Pokemon Ranger. First seen in Ruby and last seen in Omega Ruby, it’s been quite a while since we’ve seen this awesome design challenge us to a battle. Using the Pokemon Ranger is a good idea not only because the design is cool but also because it makes at least a distant connection to the Pokemon Ranger series (despite these Rangers and the Pokemon Rangers of the spinoff not being the same). While there are no predictions for a game yet, it would at least be a nod towards such that gives spinoff fans some hope.

3. Veteran

Image by GameFreak

Concerning Trainers that look cool and also serve up some competitive battles, consider the Veteran Trainer. This Trainer has appeared in almost every Generation but not in recent games like Sword and Shield or in Paldea. This upcoming DLC is an opportunity to change that, bringing out a fresh design that can revitalize the class. Like Ace Trainers, Veterans get different designs with each new revival, which brings an opportunity for the difficult Trainers in the DLC to get a better look than before.

2. Ace Trainer

Image by GameFreak

Just like the Veteran, the Ace Trainer is a frequently appearing Trainer class that changes with each new Gen. While this Trainer class is common in past Pokemon games, they did not appear in Galar aside from in the champion exhibition tournaments during the postgame. The lack of a more modern Ace Trainer representation with fresh designs holds an opportunity for that to change with the next DLC. And given the fact that this DLC is all about battling, it would be no surprise for the Ace Trainer to make a return here.

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1. Battle Girl

Image by GameFreak

The Battle Girl is a Trainer class that we haven’t seen since the latest remakes. Before then, she only appeared in the other most recent remakes: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Considering how iconic the Battle Girl is for having Fighting-type Pokemon, this Trainer class would be appropriate, even as a student, for the Indigo Disc DLC. It also helps that Battle Girls are generally tough customers to deal with when you fight them, making this Trainer class one of the best possibilities for Trainer fodder as you work your way up the ladder.