Battlefield 6 will be revealed in May, claims insider

There is still no confirmation from EA, though.

Battlefield 6 leak hints at soft franchise reboot, true battle royale mode incoming

Image via Electronic Arts

Battlefield 6 is allegedly going to be a soft reboot for the series and will include some new staples, such as 128 player battles. We still haven’t gotten a look at the game yet. However, a prolific and credible insider has shared some details on when we might be able to expect a taste.

Insider and journalist Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat was asked by a viewer on a live stream when we can expect an announcement. Grubb responded by saying: “May. Things are still fluid. They haven’t announced anything publicly yet. But my understanding is that they’re probably looking at May.”

Of course, it should be noted that there has not been any confirmation from EA or DICE on this reveal date. Grubb has had a pretty solid track record of revealing some leaks. But without any confirmation from the publisher, you should always take this with a grain of salt.

Battlefield 6 is sounding like it’s going to be a much-needed return to form for the series. Battlefield V was a swing and a miss, according to many fans, due to the lack of initial content as well as many other issues. Hopefully, the next entry will have a better launch, and we expect to see it release this Holiday season.